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Traditional Marketing Vs. Digital Marketing

The world as we know it has shifted into a digital era that you may, or may not, have been ready for, unfortunately...

With this change, individuals, entrepreneurs, small businesses, enterprises, and everything in between (you get the point) have had to adapt and strategize like never before!

Dax marketing help showing and image of traditional vs. digital marketing.

A little background on myself, I started my career in what I call "traditional marketing" in 2010. I worked for a company called Pure Global (no longer in business) and basically, we'd promote all types of different products, in person, at Sam's Clubs in and around the Houston Texas area.

We had daily motivational meetings and discussed the new products (or existing products) we would demonstrate that day. We would then, set up a mini booth on-site at Sam's Club and attract shoppers to our booth with incentives or pure "FOMO" (fear of missing out).

Everything was hands-on and personal, with consumer interactions 100% face-to-face. Social Media was nowhere near what it is today, so creativity was an absolute must if you wanted to remain competent in your sales.

Fast forward to today, where in-person interactions are seldom, and the internet is king when it comes to marketing your business.

Why should you care about Traditional Marketing?

Traditional Marketing gave me the fundamentals of understanding consumer behavior and how the steps of a marketing funnel truly work in a face-to-face situation. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such amazing individuals as I now have the networking capabilities of the infamous Gary Vee when I so choose.

I know how to interact with individuals in any given situation and adapt to any topic because that is what I was trained to do. Little did I know at the time, having this experience would establish me for the role I now possess today.


Why learn Traditional Marketing Tactics?

By not putting yourself out into real-life experiences, you remain digitally inclined, however, socially introverted. I get for some that's the goal, but to be a true leader in this marketing era we live in currently, it's crucial to have an understanding of both.

So now that you know a bit more about the importance of traditional marketing, here's a breakdown of the digital era that now engulfs us whether we like it or not.

Digital Marketing is no longer a choice!

Dax marketing help showing an image of the digital marketing journey on a tablet display.

The era of digital marketing is alive and well so if you did not make the shift sadly you are far behind! The digital era is, unfortunately, unforgiving! Those that don't stay in the now, quickly become forgotten.

From Social Media Marketing to Google Ad Campaigns, and now Artificial Intelligence, Digital Marketing waits for no one! Today, any individual with a laptop and the will to learn can become a digital marketing professional, whereas before it took much more effort than it does today.


What does this mean for traditional marketers?

Things can be a bit overwhelming, I completely understand, and I am here to provide you with this reassurance. Just because you have yet to start your digital marketing venture (if that is the case) now is as good a time as any!

So, you want to be a Marketing Professional?

Dax marketing help showcasing an image of a marketing professional.

All is not lost! where there is a determination to grow, there is an opportunity to learn!

With the constant advances, there have also been advances in the way knowledge is readily available to us as professionals or students. One of my favorite resources that I use currently is while not free, it is worth every penny if you're serious about learning and growing at your own pace.

If you're comfortable with your digital skills but lack that of the traditional. I recommend attending free local networking events and stepping out of your comfort zone! To truly be the best in this industry you have to be able to talk the talk, walk the walk, then re-invent the talk, correctly implement the walk into a campaign and well just be the whole dang package! A little bit of humor in their, apologies. I couldn't help myself! But in all seriousness the more you can do on your own, the better chances you have to be competitive in this marketing profession.

To my fellow Marketing Professionals and Students!

You now know (from my own personal experience) the difference and why traditional marketing is just as important as digital marketing. Take this information and do with it what you will! I am but a voice speaking from the wisdom that I have obtained over the 13 years in this marketing profession. I wish you all the best on your marketing journey!

Best regards,

Xavier Rodriguez - Owner - Dax Multi-Media-Marketing


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