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Patent Pending

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DAX Guy.jpg

is a device created by DAX that attaches to a vehicles roof and showcases digital ads

while the vehicle is in motion.

We showcase your companies ads on our unit as we drive our designated route within

Houston City Limits.

When you notice a stationary Billboard while driving on the freeway, you notice businesses or brands you have never seen before. This is a great way to bring brand awareness. Billboards often bring a higher number of views and impressions compared to other marketing methods.

So what are the cons? 

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Billboard Cons.png

-Only viewable in specific areas so you are not able to target various areas without higher costs.


-One ad per billboard so you’ll be lucky if you get to pick an available billboard in the specific area you want! Especially the high traffic areas!

-High cost: designing, printing, and monthly rent for a Billboard can get really pricey and you will end up spending over $3,000 dollars!

Why Choose Mobiletising?


There's nothing better then bringing something new into the world that no one has yet to see.

With Mobiletising we've accomplished just that. Showcasing advertisements has never looked this good!

With safety in mind the unit is equipped with a safety strap as well as brake indication to indicate drivers when vehicle is braking.

Be the first to have your ad seen by millions right here in Houston Tx the 4th largest city to date!


We're not only providing something new, we're making it affordable with different options for start-up and established businesses.

Why pay expensive billboard prices when you can have much more exposure and save an average of 65% on ad costs that can go back to what matters. Your Business!


Your Conversion rate on ad cost vs clientele gained will not only pay itself in full but provide returning customers that will keep your revenue flowing.


Whether you wish to showcase your own add or have one designed for you this remains optional. Ad Time Max 15 seconds

Disclaimer: We design custom ads to fill our unit dimensions. On ads provided we are not liable for quality or scale.

Having your ad created by our design team will ensure you get the best experience and CPV return. Our design team is trained and ready to create your next revenue stream!

Our ads are viewable by drivers, pedestrians, and any on looker that is to the rear of the vehicle. 

With a vibrant and glare free screen your ad will catch the attention of every individual that crosses its path.

With the use of bold text and smooth transitions we bring life to your ad as it digitally transforms in front of your viewers providing details and contact information in a way that will surely keep them interested.


Coming Soon.

We target high traffic areas in Houston Texas and surrounding areas.


Areas and drive times are subject to change. 

We scouted the city to be sure when we show your ads they're being seen by new people every single day! Our routes are planned and proven to provide results.

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designed by dax

designed by dax

designed by dax

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